Get Rid of the Eyesores in Your Yard

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After your tree removal, you'll want to get rid of any remaining stumps. However, stump removal is an exhausting and labor-intensive process. Many people may not have the equipment needed to get this job done in a timely manner. If you need stump grinding services in the West Hartford & Newington, CT area, turn to Coghlan Tree Company. We'll complete your stump removal job efficiently and safely.

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Why you need a stump grinding pro

Why you need a stump grinding pro

Any stumps in your yard can be an aesthetic and functional problem. Stumps can:

  • Lower your curb appeal
  • Create a tripping hazard
  • Make new planting difficult
Additionally, decaying stumps can become a home for insects and fungi. If you have stumps in your yard, they're blocking the possibility of new growth and reducing your landscaping options. To get rid of your stumps, call a stump grinding pro today.